our learners

We are passionate about developing each student into a confident young adult and performer – unleashing their imagination and stimulating creativity.  Through progressive devising and workshopping, we uphold an aspiration to create original theatre performance, relevant to our contemporary context.

Here’s what some of our past students have to say……

“Having never done drama before Nathalie got my acting skills out of me which really lead me to paths that I have taken. And the skills I use today when looking at a role. “
– Will Esau (CAPA graduate 2009. Lion King, London West End)


“Working under the directorship of Nathalie Vijver for my Drama Studies has been such a great privilege. Not only do I feel I have been given tools that have enabled me to perform on stage and in front of the camera, but I have also gained the confidence to trust in my own artistic creativity. Drama has taught me so much about theatre and the world of the performing arts, and has also taught me a great deal about life itself. I have been challenged and inspired to “step out the box” at times, which is something I would recommend to anybody!”
– Jessica van Jaarsveldt (CAPA graduate 2009)


“I can remember in 2008…our very first drama lesson at CAPA. I was so excited and looking forward to new teachings of a subject I have such a passion for. Nathalie has a unique approach to teaching her students on how to enter this world of ‘Drama’. She motivates you and moulds you to discover your own inner “actress”. Developing and discovering your own talents. Classes are relaxed, yet disciplined in respecting the art and those around you”.
– Jadene Head (CAPA graduate 2010)


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nathalie. She allowed for creativity as well as constructing frames in which to build theatre. I loved how we dabbled in various spheres of acting including improvisations, monologues and scenes, physical theatre and other interesting ways of coming up with material. She helped me grow as performer and was always encouraging towards me.”
– Skye Russell (UCT Drama School Performing Arts Student)


“You are the best drama teacher ever; you have an awesome creative mind.”
– Katarina Staines (Present student 13yrs old)


“The Nathalie Vijver school of Drama is a positive environment for young actors to further develop their dramatic skills. Nathalie Vijver has a very unique stamp on her work and her work is contemporary and relevant for this ever evolving industry. Students are constantly stimulated and encouraged to give their own input to all work and therefore everybody feels rewarded whilst work is created. Students are also exposed to many theatrical disciplines and are also given many opportunities to perform on stages such as Artscape Theatre and the Masque Theatre.”
“Nathalie Vijver has given me the tools and the confidence to pursue a career in acting. She offers valuable advice as she is still in the profession herself. She takes personal interest in each student and is prepared to go the extra mile to help students to better themselves and fulfil their passion as if it is no effort at all. ”

- Carmen Lotz – CAPA Graduate of 2011 and Assistant Teacher to Nathalie Vijver


“Working with Nathalie Vijver can best be described as an adventure into one’s imagination!

She expects a lot from you and pushes you to push yourself, expect more from yourself and drive yourself to be your best but at the same time has this great emotional sensitivity and genuine care for her students which materializes when somehow she knows you need to take it easy and just have fun on that particular day.

If you are ever lucky enough to be involved with one of Nathalie’s original productions like ‘KISSING FROGS’ you are in for a treat!! Work-shopping material is one of the most valuable skills I learnt with Nathalie, an indispensable tool for amalgamating all the creativity available to you and spinning those ideas into theatrical reality, and boy, does Miss Vijver have a kooky, flamboyant, dark, eccentric, never ending, and blossoming imagination! (Be afraid… be very afraid!)

Tips for Newbies from an Oldie:

RELAX! One of your goals is to make an idiot out of yourself at least once a day in class.

When the challenge is set don’t shy away from it or over think, just plunge right in there and DO, that is the best way to learn and grow!

Remember, Drama and the Arts is subjective, you may think one thing and perhaps be contradicted by your teacher, You are not necessarily wrong and she not necessarily right, she does however have an entire working life’s worth of experience on ya so shaddup and listen! – Even if it just changed the way you think about something it’s worth it. “
- Margaux Fouché CAPA Graduate 2009


“I enrolled at CAPA in 2008 as a dance student, so I thought to myself, but to my surprise on the first day I was told that I had to do Drama as part of my course with Nathalie Vijver and I couldn’t get out of this as I really wanted to be at CAPA. The nerves kicked in every time I had to go to class because I have never done drama before and most of the students in my year had very good background of drama studies which made it worse for me as they were always confident when we went to Drama, but I got to know Nathalie she is a very GOOD teacher and very nice and makes you feel comfortable and my fellow classmates were very supportive and they helped me as well when I needed help, and I loved doing group work and hated monologues because all of a sudden I had to work on my own it was very bad the first times as I just hated the attention but I got to learn so much about myself in drama. In my 2nd year of my studies I fell in love with Drama as I could see how it was boosting my confidence in my drama classes and in my dance classes and my social circle, and with great attitude you get to improve and that’s what I did, I had a new mindset and was really eager and excited for drama!! I was so proud of myself and so grateful to Nathalie Vijver when I got an “A” and top mark in the class in my 3rd year end of the year monologue exam. And after graduating I worked on – Film Afrika “Yes We Can Lulu” directed by  Steve Sulkin. I have also done many television commercials for SA and international companies. Film studies and acting for the camera was part of my drama studies with Nathalie Vijver. I will forever be grateful to Nathalie Vijver because everything I learnt about acting and film is through her.”
- Akhona Maqhina 2010 CAPA Graduate


“During my four years at CAPA,I was trained by Nathalie Vijver in Drama (practical and theory). During this time I enjoyed learning to develop different characters, become different characters, being expressive while learning about staging, costuming and script writing.  I also enjoyed getting closer to my group and developing great relationships and people skills with Nathalie and my peers.

Being in the industry for just over a year, I have danced with Tshwane Dance Theatre, Bovim Ballet and Dada Masilo. I have played many character roles in these productions including Puck in Midsummer Night’s Dream. Being intensively trained in drama with Nathalie has definitely helped me get many roles in several dance productions and helped me develop characterisation.”
– Ipeleng Merafe 2010 CAPA Post Graduate